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UU-SSP Agreement Signing Ceremony

UU-SSP Agreement Signing Ceremony between AEDT and Direct Aid International.

Application Form – UUSSP Revised 2018(2)Application Form – UUSSP Revised 2018(2)

About UU-SSP (Umma University Student Support Program)

A Student Support Program aimed at providing financial aid for Umma University students in order to produce well rounded graduates who will utilize their knowledge and skills to empower their communities.

Categories of the Financial Aid:

  1. Full Scholarship
  2. Partial Scholarship
  3. Interest-free Study Loan


Application Process

For any enquiries or application for category 1 i.e. Full Scholarship, please contact:

  • Admission Office – Umma University
  • website:


For any enquiries or application for category 2 and 3 i.e. Partial Scholarship and Interest-free Study Loan, please contact:

  • Africa Education & Development Trust
  • 0726 919 557, 0726 919 711, 0712995508


Downloads for the UU-SSP


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