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Is community service and work study program mandatory?

If you are an Interest free study loan beneficiary, then you must participate in the community service exercise for a period of at least 2 weeks every academic year.

What is the difference between Umma University and AEDT?

AEDT is non-profit organization which provides interest free study loans.


AEDT has partnered with Umma University to provide financial aid to students enrolling in Umma University through the UUSSP (Umma University Student Support Program).

In case I get a bursary from the county government, am I still required to make my monthly repayments?

Yes, your monthly repayments are fixed up to when you will clear your outstanding loan balance. In case you get a bursary or a scholarship you can request less the amount the following semester.

Can I make my monthly installments in advance?

Yes you can.It eases the burden of paying on monthly basis continuously and also one can complete the loan quickly.

What is the procedure for making my monthly repayments? How can I track my repayment history?

The following are the modes of repayments:

Standing order / Cash deposit through

First Community Bank:

A/C Name: Africa Education & Development Trust

A/C No. 0011219101

Wabera branch

Currency: Ksh


Go to M-PESA, Enter pay bill number 755135, enter A/C No.(your 2 names & student number), Enter amount then PIN No.

On the repayment history; we can send you the Statement of Account upon Request.

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