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Mentorship Program

Elimisha Trust

About Imentor

We are a community of mentors & mentees, connected by the desire to share and learn from one another. Driven by shared ethics and values, we are committed to working towards a prosperous future for all. We provide a digital space for interaction & information sharing among practitioners and students.

Our Focus


Academic progression is key to development of an individual, both personally and professionally. Mentorship is very critical. We provide a platform of interaction between mentors and students- to share ideas on how to excel in studies, choice of careers, and getting ready for the job market.



We connect young men and women with mentors and counsellors in order for them to understand and navigate any social challenges.



We connect students and young professionals with practitioners in all the fields e.g. Law, Engineering, Health, Teaching, in order to build their capacities and ensure career development.

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Elimisha Trust
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