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Elimisha Trust

Umma University Students Support Program

A student support program aimed at providing financial aid for Umma University Students in order to produce well rounded graduates who will utilize their knowledge and skills to empower their communities.


1. Must be a Kenyan.
2. Have secured admission at Umma University.
3. Attained cut-off grades for the category of financial aid
4. Those applying for partial scholarship or loan,must fulfill the following conditions: Provide proof of ability to service the loan on monthly basis, Have proof of steady income through salary or seldf-employment,Be able to provide acceptable guarantors against the loan.

Terms and Conditions

1. Funds (fees) will be sent directly to the University (RTGS).
2. Beneficiaries are expected to start repayment of the soft loan, before 5th of the subsequent month (upon disbursement of first cheque).

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Elimisha Trust
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